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Reserve Your Group Name

  • Choose a name that represents your group, e.g. GOODJOBS for a job board.
  • Your members can join your group by texting your keyword to 41411 (our SMS "shortcode").
  • Your group name identifies your group similar to how a domain name identifies your web site.

Marketing: Promote Your List

  • Tell friends to text your group name to 41411 to join your group. Spread the word!
  • Add your group name to your print and TV ads.
  • Let the members of your community know about it through newsletters and other existing communication channels.
  • Make an announcement! If your customers gather together in one spot, such as at a school, church, or political rally, have the group leader ask everyone to pull out their phones and text in your group name.

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Our Pre-Built Tools help you promote your TextMark

Promote your textmark in your existing promotional vehicles and customer communications.

Send Unlimited SMS messages

  • All accounts include unlimited SMS messaging, so send alerts to your group as often as you like for no additional charge.
  • Use our online interfaces to get stats, send text alerts, set automatic response text, see who has subscribed, and change settings.

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