Easily Manage Your SMS Groups

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Send Alerts from the web

Our dead-simple web interface allows to you instantly send SMS messages to your subscribers, set your automatic response, choose a contest winner, or anything else you want to do to manage your group.

Send Alerts from your Phone via SMS

Our co-manager feature allows you to send alerts from your phone by simply sending an SMS message. You can also authorize other phones to send alerts to your group. For instance, you can allow employees to send alerts this way.

Remind customers of appointments

Need to send a message to just one customer? It’s easy! Just type in the phone number and send the message. You can also schedule the message for some time in the future. Perfect for appointment reminders!

Reporting and Analytics

Need reporting? We have it! You can review your message history, see the phone numbers subscribed to your list, how many total subscribers you have, and who has most recently joined or texted your group name.

Resell TextMarks using our white label interface

We have a robust white label reseller business. Sell SMS services without having to build the infrastructure. We’ve got a white label interface which you can provide to your customers to manage their groups. Learn more here.

New - Schedule alerts to be sent in the future

Timing is key when communicating via SMS - your customers will read the message instantly. Sometimes you want to send messages when it’s not convenient for you - just schedule your alerts to go out at the optimal time!

Use coupons and contests to build your group

The more people you have in your group, the more people will get your message and take action on it. Offering a coupon incentive for joining is a proven method for growing your list. You can also run a contest offering a prize to one of your group’s subscribers.

Reply Instantly with an Automatic Response

Also known as a “bounceback ad”, the automatic response can be set to reply with any message you want people texting to your group to get. It’s a great way to provide an offer or coupon, or even general info such as hours or directions.

SMS-Enable your Application

We have a bulletproof REST-based SMS API, with libraries for PHP, .NET, Java and Python. Our API is so robust the city of Chicago uses it to provide bus arrival predictions at all 12,000 bus stops and Harvard uses it to teach students how to use APIs!

Amazing Support

Got a problem? Need some ideas for how to grow your business? Have a special situation that you need help with? We’re here for you. All our paid accounts come with our amazing support. We’ll bend over backward to make sure you’re satisfied.

Still looking for more information? Read our FAQ page for more details