SMS Platform for Transit Agencies
Enhance your real time passenger information system with short code SMS.

Text Messaging for Transit Agencies and Transit Companies

Transit agencies looking for a SMS solution can use TextMarks as their text messaging provider. TextMarks offers a fully-hosted solution for transit agencies looking to provide SMS notification services. Our powerful API supports dynamic request/response SMS messaging, and we have an easy-to remember short code: 41411. We are supported by all major US Carriers.

Available on any mobile phone.

No need for riders to download any apps or have a smartphone. Access is universal to all mobile phones.

Modernize your transit system.

Easy way to use SMS technology to reach more riders. 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.

Decrease support costs.

With SMS, riders can text for times rather than call into your support center.

Proven track record.

Smooth integration with transit agencies large and small using real time passenger info provided by most major middleware providers.

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Real-time bus information delivered through TextMarks' automated SMS responses allows us to provide information our customers want, directly to their mobile phone, no matter what type of phone they have.

- Tim Wilder , Service Development Manager at Transfort

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TextMarks SMS Request/Response allows riders to text to an easy to remember short code and receive real time arrival information by text message.

  • Rider sends a SMS text message which includes transit agency's unique keyword followed by a stop number to 41411. Example: Rider would text 'YOURTA 32' to 41411
  • TextMarks makes an HTTP request to your server with the message
  • Your server looks up information and responds with real-time accurate schedule/arrival data
  • TextMarks sends your response back to the rider as a text message within seconds

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TextMarks SMS Alerts allows transit agencies to broadcast system wide text alerts to riders who subscribe to the service. Types of alerts may include temporary route changes due to construction or other unforeseen circumstances, new schedules, stop relocations, additions and eliminations. Riders may also subscribe to scheduled alerts that notify them of arrival information for a particular stop.

  • Riders may subscribe to alerts through a form on your website
  • Riders may subscribe by texting to a keyword specifically designated for bus service alerts
  • Riders may subscribe to specific alerts in the context of Request/Response Interactions

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