Enhance your brand with your own custom short SMS phone number.

Your organization can have its own fully dedicated, custom SMS short code hosted on our platform with all of TextMarks’ great text messaging features.

Increase brand recognition with your own number

Why use a short code you see everywhere when you can have your own? Your target audience will begin to recognize your unique phone number.

Unlimited pool of keywords

You’ll have access to every keyword you can imagine, except for a handful of system keywords. They will be yours to use for super-targeted text messaging campaigns.

We do the hard stuff for you.

We handle all of the associated setup and maintenance, including navigating the complex mobile carrier short code provisioning process on your behalf.

Fully hosted & feature rich

Your dedicated short code will be hosted on our trusted and reliable text messaging platform, so there is no need to code. This is a plug-and-play, turnkey text messaging solution. (We have a powerful API too!)

Who Uses SMS Dedicated Short Codes

Transit Agencies

Provide riders real time service alerts and text for next arrival using our text message API.

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Provide account holders real time transaction alerts and text for balance using our text message API.

Mobile App Providers

Add group SMS messaging or request/response functionality to your mobile app using our SMS API.

Marketing Agencies

Create innovative, interactive text marketing campaigns using our SMS text messaging API.

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Use SMS Marketing to drive consumer engagement with your brand. To ensure the widest reach, add text campaigns to your mobile marketing strategy.


SMS Marketing helps retain customers for your physical or online store. Unique keywords for customer preferences let you send more personalized text coupons.

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Restaurants & Bars

Create VIP programs and send mobile coupons by text to increase revenue during off-peak hours. Survey customers through SMS to help determine menu mix.

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Service Providers

Launch mobile marketing campaigns that strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.

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How SMS Dedicated Short Codes Work

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SMS Dedicated Short Code Features

Advanced API Integration

Build complex applications on our text messaging platform. Access more data, manage keywords, statistics, group membership, and more.

Unique Keywords

Have access to an unlimited pool of keywords and can create/customize them as you see fit.

Group Text Blasts

Send a SMS message to a single person, or send out mass text messages to larger groups.

Advanced List Segmentation

Segment your lists by region, demographics, interest or marketing campaign for sophisticated targeting and analytics.

Scheduled Alerts

Save time by scheduling your text message alerts to send at a specific date and time.

Subscriber List Management

View and manage your current subscribers (with real names if you want) and watch your lists grow with comprehensive analytics graphs

Subscribe by Web & Text

Your prospects and customers can opt in by texting your keyword to your short code or by entering their mobile number into a customizable HTML opt-in web form.


See how many incoming text requests, outgoing SMS auto-responses, and how many unique phones request your info over time.

Basic Auto Responders

Enter an outgoing response message, and when someone texts for info using your keyword to your short code, they'll get the message sent back to them automatically.

Full Access to your Data

Start with our web-based management GUI, and gradually build out your own as you need it. If you can do it through the TextMarks web interface, you can do it through our API.

Opt-in Offers & Contests

Entice people to join your lists with contests, drawings & special offers sent automatically via text coupons.

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