SMS Autoresponders
Provide quick, automatic text reply to info requests.

Text for Info is the easy way to respond to information requests with a SMS autoresponder.

Drive the physical world users to your digital content.

“Text keyword to 72345”- style sms auto responders help you deliver information at the right time, upon request. with text for info, you can send links by text to your company brochure, product information page or surveys.

Meet and exceed your acquisition goals.

Make it easier for people to text in for links to key conversion pages such as sign up forms, app download pages, applications or registration sites.

Promote your SMS keyword and an easy-to-remember short code through online, print, TV, radio and billboard advertising and watch your numbers climb. Automatic text replies are faster and easier than QR codes or URLs!

Make rapidly changing information available by text.

Provide timely information through our API text auto responders, allow transit riders to text for info and get real-time bus arrival information by text, or enable bank customers to get up-to-date bank account balances. Or simply deliver the latest event schedules and updates on demand, by text.

Who Uses TextMarks Text for Info


Manage internal communications more effectively by using SMS autoresponders. Distribute employee surveys, open enrollment forms and links to company intranet.

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Transit Agencies

Promote your keyword plus bus stop number so riders can text it to 41411 and get back real-time arrival info.

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Allow account holders to text a keyword plus account number to 72345 and get back balance information.


Make your Daily Special readily available by having customers text and receive back a link to your menu.

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Real Estate

Allow interested buyers to text for info and get an automatic text reply with a link to property information.

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Service Providers

Gather names of people by text who are interested in your service or would like a free estimate.

Mobile App Providers

Promote your keyword on print ads and outdoor displays and make it easy for prospects to text and receive a link to your download page.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Create innovative marketing campaigns by giving consumers a way to interact with your client's brand by text.

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How Text Autoresponders Work

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TextMarks SMS Software Features

Short Code Keyword Leases

Send and receive texts from our easy to remember short code like 72345. It's a faster, more cost effective way to get info via SMS.

Basic Auto Responders

Enter an outgoing response message, and when someone texts for info using your keyword to 72345, they'll get the message sent back to them automatically.

Dynamic Auto Responders

For advanced integrations, when someone texts your keyword to 72345, we call back to your own server to provide a dynamic message to send back to them automatically.


Allow people who text for info to also automatically join your group list so you can send future text updates. Or disable the feature to just offer text response.


See how many incoming text requests, outgoing sms auto responses, and how many unique phones over time request your info.

Advanced API Integration

Build complex applications on our text messaging platform. Access more data, manage keywords, statistics, group membership, and more.
Bill Dwight

We love the TextMarks capability of not only sending outgoing texts but getting inbound as well. That's really powerful.

- Bill Dwight ,


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