Your Business Can Flourish With Local Text Message Marketing

Pizza Guy
For each $100 we spent with TextMarks, we got $2,000 back in new orders.
Pizza Tower
Cincinnati, OH

Who They Are

Pizza Tower is a family restaurant located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started sending SMS coupons to customers a year ago to help drive more business.

What They Did

When customers sign up to receive SMS coupons on their cell phones, they get a free dessert.

What Happened

Pizza Tower gets at least 30 to 40 more orders each week from SMS coupons - twice as many as from email promotions. Customers love them!

Text coupons bring us twice as much business as emails!
  1. Step 1: Create a group name for your restaurant.

    For instance, SFPIZZA. Your group name is what your customers subscribe to so they can start receiving your text messages.

  2. Step 2: Ask customers to sign up.

    Put this on your table tents, website, or receipts: "Want a free dessert? Text SFPIZZA to 41411 to start getting our coupons and promotions!"

  3. Step 3: Send offers via text messages.

    For instance: "Call 415.555.1212 to order a 2-topping pizza for only $10.99. Offer expires 11/7/2010."