TextMarks Text Message API
The easiest to use, most reliable SMS API available.

Inbound API

Text Message Request/Response

Provide on-demand access to information via text message with your own “SMS Auto-Responder”.

Users send a text message beginning with your keyword to our shared shortcode 41411, our servers HTTP request to your servers (a "callback" or "web hook"), your scripts look up the info requested and respond, and we instantly forward that to the user as another text message.

Outbound API

Send Text Messages by API

Notify your users by text message. Make an HTTP request to our API server and we handle the rest, with near instant delivery.

Send to individuals or groups. Users can join your list by texting your keyword to our shared shortcode 41411. We handle carrier compliance and group membership so you can focus on your application and business.

Advanced API

Advanced API Integrations

The “Send Text Messages by API” above is part of our larger API, ready for you to access more data, manage keywords, statistics, group membership, and more -- enough to build your own white label version of the TextMarks service!

Our API is built on modern lightweight web standards like basic HTTP and JSON. Our documentation and tools let you discover what's possible and make calls in your browser without writing a single line of code. Our protocols are open and easy to implement, and we offer production-ready client libraries for Python, PHP, Java, and .NET.

Did you know...

Did you know that our entire website is built on top of our own API?

That's how powerful and reliable it is.

If our API is down, we're down.

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