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Our powerful Text Message API allows you to easily SMS-enable your web or enterprise apps to provide on-demand SMS access to dynamic information via text message as well as send individual or mass text alerts in response to triggers in your application.

More than just a simple SMS gateway.

TextMarks text message API allows you to go beyond just sending a text message to a phone. Create groups, manage and segment your lists, manage opt-ins and opt-outs -- all at a higher layer in the API and platform.

Fast, reliable connection.

Unlike SMS email gateways, which add ugly headers, limit your delivery rate, and can take hours to deliver your messages, our SMS API service gives you a reliable, direct conduit to your users' mobile phones, with a fast connection and a very stable platform.

We do the hard stuff for you.

SMS can be challenging when you have to deal with delivering high message volumes, always-on SMS request handlers, management of opt-ins and opt-outs and compliance issues. TextMarks handles all that for you, so you can focus on building your app.

Who Uses TextMarks SMS API

Transit Agencies

Promote your keyword plus stop number so riders can text it to 41411 and get back real-time arrival info through our text message API.

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Allow account holders to text a keyword plus account number to 72345 and get back balance information using our SMS API.

Mobile App Providers

Add group SMS messaging or request/response functionality to your mobile app using our SMS API.

Marketing Agencies

Create innovative, interactive text marketing campaigns using our SMS text messaging API.

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How Text Message APIs Work

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TextMarks SMS API Features

SMS Short Codes

Send and receive texts from easy to remember SMS short codes like 72345. It's a faster, more cost effective way to connect with people via SMS.

Receive Text Messages

Text messages containing your keywords sent to our shortcode are provided to you via easy HTTP callback API. Handle requests on your own server, and respond easily to send an SMS right back.

Send Text Messages

Send SMS messages to a single person, or send mass text messages to your entire group.

Client Libraries Available

We make it easy to get going with open source API client libraries for PHP, Java, Python, .NET, and more.

Full Access to your Data

Start with our web-based management GUI, and gradually build out your own as you need it. If you can do it through the TextMarks web interface, you can do it through our API.

Secure and Available

Our text message API has served our customers needs for over 6 years, from small businesses to massive city agencies, reliably and securely. We take it seriously -- our own web site is built on it!
Bill Dwight

We love the TextMarks capability of not only sending outgoing texts but getting inbound as well. That's really powerful.

- Bill Dwight ,

API Resources

Add SMS power to your apps by using TextMarks' simple, robust text message API. The resources here will help you get started as well as contain detailed technical reference material. Contact us for help or to share what you made!


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